Indiana Jones Adventure

Anaheim, CA, USA
Walt Disney Imagineering

Immersive and interactive queue experience for the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye ride at Disneyland. The queue is 1,400 feet long, with capacity for 1,800 guests and had to be able to move 2,400 guests through the line each hour. 

A giant rock tunnel that reset every 16 seconds, giving the appearance that a jeep was going backwards, was a groundbreaking innovation.

Brock Larsen led concept designer for the 45-minute long queue / load and unload / change room / scene 1 of the dark ride. Team consisted of Tony Baxter (creative lead for Walt Disney Imagineering), Susan Bonds (show producer), and Skip Lenge (Rockwork specialist).
Key Project Highlights
  • Won the 1996 Themed Entertainment Awards Award for Outstanding Achievement
  • Added 3 million guests to yearly park attendance
  • $90 million fabrication was most expensive queue line in the world at opening.

Project Images

Drawings + Design