City Walk

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
SELA | 2021

Sponsor | Saudi Arabia General Entertainment Authority
Jeddah’s City Walk is a seasonal attraction with 10 subzones representing different thematic experiences. Subzones include the Anime Village, BBQ Yard, DJ Station, Horror Village, Wonder Wall, Roller Disco, and Movie Land.

City Walk opened for the 2021 Jeddah Season, as part of the Jeddah Central Project, one of 14 “Giga Projects” led by Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman’s “Vision 2030 Plan” across the country.

Creative concept for the project, led by Brock Larsen, was a festival at the retired water and power factory in Old Jeddah, which led to the idea of a steampunk aesthetic spread over 28 hectares of land in seaside Jeddah.

Key Project Highlights
  • Visited by 2 million people in 6 weeks of late spring
  • Team included Tony Christopher for SELA, with Larry Nelson as consulting designer.

Project Images

Drawings + Renderings

Construction Phase